Lead Transaction Coordinator

Lead Transaction Coordinator


Lead Transaction Coordinator


Agent File, Inc.’s primary focus in on the real estate transaction. Our innovative system is designed to deliver a “compliant” and “audit proof” file to all interested parties at the close of a transaction. AFI is a TC Brokerage, meaning our Transaction Coordinators are experience, licensed real estate agents who focus solely on the transaction and its paperwork for other licensed real estate professionals or developers.


The Lead Transaction Coordinator will lead a local and virtual team of experienced Junior Transaction Coordinators. As the Leader of the team your primary role will be to oversee the management of every file, every document, every disclosure, every inspection, every report. You will be the “keeper of the timeline” and the “voice and email” for every client. As the supreme overseer you will coordinate the efforts of your team members to efficiently and accurately deliver and create documents to the appropriate parties of the deal. You will coordinate your team members to deliver on deadlines, to set and followup on appointments, followup on reports and to close every file in a manner that will lead to an AFI Certification.

Basically, you will be the person who knows everything about every thing!


  • Have a real estate license

  • 3 to 5 years direct experience managing real estate paperwork

  • A keen understanding of the process of listing or purchasing real estate in your local market

  • Exposure and proficiency with various tools such as the MLS, ZipForms or DootLoop, eSignature Programs, CRM Software, Adobe, and GoogleSuite

  • Customer Service Background


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