Why Use A TC Team

Why Use A Transaction Coordination Team!

AFI Transaction Coordinator Benefits

All parties involved in the transaction, the Broker, the Agent, the Service Vendor and the Consumer, benefit from the services of AFI's Transaction Coordinators due to consistent communication.

Focusing core competencies

AFI releases the Agent of administrative responsibilities, allowing Agents to do what they do best, create relationships and drive new business.

Gain greater quality control over transaction activity

By working with AFI, Brokers may centralize and standardize the company’s processes.

Risk Management and Reduced liability for Errors and Omissions

AFI will standardize your transaction process: many insurance companies offer a reduced E & O premium to the Brokers that have standardized their transaction process.

Gain a recruitment and retention edge over other brokers

Brokers who work with AFI differentiate their company from other brokerages.

Increase customer satisfaction & gain repeat business

Consumers will find that in working with a AFI Transaction Coordinators, who are more readily available then their Agent, allows them quicker and more comprehensive answers to their questions. These benefits add up to improved customer satisfaction, referrals and repeat business.

Focus Agents on finding new clients and selling property

Currently Realtors are trapped in an arcane web of communication with all of the players in the transaction. Lots of time is spent on the phone, fax, and in e-mail ordering products and services and checking on their status. Using AFI transaction coordination services, much of this time could more profitably spent finding new clients, selling property, and other tasks that increase productivity, resulting in greater revenues – dollars on the bottom line.

Narrows the funnel of information

With the growing number of people involved in a single transaction information can be mishandled, misunderstood or misdirected if a common platform or central facilitator does not remain in control of the critical communications.  AFI's TC Teams will facilitate every aspect of a real estate file.  

Facilitated Communications

With multiple vendors and parties participating in each transaction, communicating with everyone can be a difficult undertaking.  An AFI Transaction Coordinator Team will become your common platform in which all communication is funneled and recorded.  Juggling phone calls, faxes and e-mails can become a thing of the past.  When a transaction is complete, a specific record of all communications is kept that may prove to be valuable should a disagreement emerge which could potentially lead to a lawsuit.

Shortened Time to Closed Transaction

AFI Transaction Management Teams offer a means in which tasks and deliverables are tightly managed with accountability measurements in place.  AFI TC Teams maintain a time sensitive process ensuring that documents and communications arrive as scheduled.

Consumer Benefits

AFI TC Teams, which are available at all times, allow your clients quicker and more comprehensive answers to many of their questions thus alleviating the primary consumer complaint of “lack of communication.”

Redundancy and backup

In a traditional offline transaction environment, the person or people, managing a transaction hold all or parts all of the transaction information in his or her own filing system.  This can create a redundancy and security problem.  If the Transaction Coordinator leaves the company, becomes ill or injured or misplaces the documents, the integrity of a transaction may be in jeopardy.  An AFI Transaction Coordinator Team automatically creates a backup of his/her work.  Because AFI TC Teams are just that, a TEAM, your file will be managed in a specific manner and always accessible.  A complete record of all files and correspondence is stored for 10 years.

Standardized Process

AFI  provides for a standard process across branch offices enabling for improved efficiency, accuracy and risk management.  We certify every AFI managed file if it meets our regulatory standard.


AFI's TC Teams are a low-cost endeavor.